I made this for you. #quititwiththisshit #itusuallyisntasprofoundasyouthink #andyouusuallycitethewrongperson #stoplivingbyquotes

Yesterday I told my dad that I had a nightmare the other night. He told me there’s a remedy for that: sleep with a knife under your pillow. #problemsolved #niggaitslikejustcloseyoureyes #throwbackthursday #tbt #whydidntithinkofthat

Don’t get me and my friend Ben on Photoshop

Stay positive

And in today’s news: A Pomeranian drives a car (Taken with instagram)

Day 14: Heart (Taken with instagram

Since she won all 6 Grammys and all. Good for her. (Taken with instagram


She always gets caught in the right moment in my camera

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